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This website intends to annotate Alan Moore’s novels Jerusalem (2016) and Voice of the Fire (1996). Select a specific chapter to view annotations. If there is no link the page has not been created yet.

Note: This will take a while, bear with us. We’re looking to do a really basic once-through clarifying some of the basics, then later keep adding themes, connections, etc. First the trees, then someday later more of the forest. Please add your questions, notes, ideas in the comments for various pages. If you’re interested in helping write for this site, email linton.joe [at]



Book 1 – The Boroughs

Book 2 – Mansoul

Book 3 – Vernall’s Inquest


Voice of the Fire

  • 0 General Notes
  • 0.1 Covers
  • 1. Hob’s Hog
  • 2. The Cremation Fields
  • 3. In the Drownings
  • 4. The Head of Diocletian
  • 5. November Saints
  • 6. Limping to Jerusalem
  • 7. Confessions of a Mask
  • 8. Angel Language
  • 9. Partners in Knitting
  • 10. The Sun Looks Pale Upon the Wall
  • 11. I Travel in Suspenders
  • 12. Phipps’ Fire Escape

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