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In which Lucia meets Ogden Whitney, who is more than a little like Herbie Popnecker.

Significant characters and themes in this section:

  • Ogden Whitney self-portrait
    Ogden Whitney self-portrait

    Ogden Whitney (1918-1970?) was a comic book artist from Cambridge, Massachusetts, best known for his role as the co-creator of Herbie Popnecker (see below), as discussed in the immediately previous chapter “A Cold and Frosty Morning”. He became a serious alcoholic in later life, and “is believed to have died in a nursing home in New York sometime in the early 1970s” (Art out of Time bio). As portrayed in this chapter, Whitney essentially is Herbie.

  • Herbie Popnecker from Forbidden Worlds #114
    Herbie Popnecker from Forbidden Worlds #114

    Herbie Popnecker is a fictional character co-created by writer Richard E. Hughes and artist Ogden Whitney.

  • James Joyce (1882-1941) was an extremely famous writer and Lucia Joyce’s father.
  • Page 907 (continued)
  • Paragraph 92
    All around her, luminescent fungi decorate the boughs like fairy-lights. Upon a close inspection, she discovers that they are an unfamiliar type with which she is not previously acquainted. Every mushroom appears to be made up of little naked females in a radiating ring, as if you’d interbred a starfish with some paper dolls or a lace doily. Something in the waving limbs and the fleshed torsos of the tiny lovelies puts her in mind of a chorus line or torchlight rally, so that Lucia cringes away from the strange lady-truffles in revulsion. She is speculating on what these monstrous growths might be, when from behind her comes a deadpan and monotonous voice that seems to be both American and masculine.

    • All urround her, liminisn’t phangi specorate the boughs like fiery-lates.

      • “urround” – “Around”, “surround”.
      • “liminisn’t” – “Luminescent”, “liminal isn’t”.
      • “phangi” – “Fungi”, “hang I”. Possibly “fang”, “phanga” (Xhosa “to rob”).
      • “specorate” – “Decorate”, “spectre”, “expectorate” (spit).
      • “fiery-lates” – “Fairy-lights” (both in a literal and figurative sense), “fiery late”.
    • Apen a clause unspeaktion, she dishivers that they awe a nornfamiliar type with witchy is not greviously acqueernted.

      • “Apen” – “Upon”, “a pen”, “aspen”.
      • “clause” – “Close”, “clause”.
      • “unspeaktion” – “Inspection”, “unspeakable”.
      • “dishivers” – “Discovers”, “di- (two) “shivers”.
      • “awe” – “Are”, “awe”.
      • “nornfamiliar” – “Unfamiliar”, “Norn” (Norse Fate) “familiar”.
      • “witchy” – “Which she”, “witchy”.
      • “greviously” – “Previously”, “grievously”.
      • “acqueernted” – “Acquainted”, “a queer noted”.
    • Ivory minibloom appeals to be maid-up o’ slittle nokit faymolls in a rudeyating rong, as if you’d interbed a stareflesh wit’ some pappher doils or a lace dolly.

      • “Ivory” – “Every”, “ivory”.
      • “minibloom” – “Mushroom”, “mini Bloom” (character from Ulysses, compare “milibloom” in section 1, paragraph 3). Possibly “blossom”.
      • “appeals” – “Appears”, “appeals”.
      • “maid-up” – “Made up” (composed of; imaginary), “maid”.
      • “slittle” – “Little”, “slit” (slang “vagina”).
      • “nokit” – “Naked”, “no kit”, possibly “kid”.
      • “faymolls” – “Females”, “fay” (fairy) “molls” (slang “women”).
      • “rudeyating” – “Radiating”, “rude”.
      • “rong” – “Ring”, “wrong”.
      • “interbed” – “Interbred”, “in the bed”.
      • “stareflesh” – “Starfish”, “stare (at) flesh”.
      • “wit” – “With”, “wit”.
      • “pappher doils” – “Paper”, “pap” (breast) “her”, suggest??
      • “doils … dolly” – “Dolls … doily”, “toils”, “goils” (girls).
    • Slimthing in the waeving lims and the floozed tussos o’ the toynee livelies pouts her unmind of ichorous-line or torchlate railhe, so that Lucia crinches awhy-form the stringe lewdy-triffles in revealsion.

      • “Slimthing” – “Something”, “slim thing”.
      • “waeving” – “Waving”, “weaving”.
      • “lims” – “Limbs”, “liminal”, “slim”.
      • “floozed” – “Fleshed”, “floozy” (loose woman), suggest?? Possibly “frosted”, “flossed”.
      • “tussos” – “Torsos”, “tussles”, “tussock” (tuft of grass).
      • “toynee” – “Tiny”, “toy knee”. Possibly “Toynbee”.
      • “livelies” – “Lovelies”, “lively”.
      • “pouts her unmind” – “Puts her in mind”, “pouts her” “unmind” (subconscious?).
      • “ichorous-line” – “A chorus line”, “ichorous” (related to any blood-like substance).
      • “torchlate railhe” – “Torchlight rally”, “torch late rail he”.
        • Lucia earlier compared chorus lines to Nazi goose-stepping in section 4, paragraph 71.
      • “crinches” – “Cringes”, “crunches”. Possibly “Grinch”.
      • “awhy-form” – “Away from”, “a why-form” (perhaps a shape that implies a question?).
      • “stringe” – “Strange”, “stringy”.
      • “lewdy-triffles” – “Lady-truffles”, “lewd trifles”.
      • “revealsion” – “Revulsion”, “reveal Sion”, possibly “revelation”.
    • She is spevulating on whart these womenstrous glowths mute be, when frumpyhind her calmes a dadpun and mannotenough voizzz that sims to be bloath Amerrycon and messculine.

      • “spevulating” – “Speculating”, “ovulating”, possibly “speculum”.
      • “whart” – “What”, “wart”, possibly “with heart”.
      • “womenstrous” – “Monstrous”, “women”, “menstrual”.
      • “glowths” – “Growths”, “glow this”.
      • “mute” – “Might”, “mute”.
      • “frumpyhind” – “From behind”, “frumpy” (unfashionable).
      • “calmes” – “Comes”, “calms”.
      • “dadpun” – “Deadpan”, “dad pun” (aka “dad joke”, a bad joke of the sort your father might tell).
      • “mannotenough” – “Monotonous”, “man not enough”.
      • “voizzz” – “Voice”, “zzz” (snoring sound).
      • “sims” – “Seems”, “sim(ulate)s.
      • “bloath” – “Both”, “bloated” (fat).
      • “Amerrycon” – “American”, “a merry con”.
      • “messculine” – “Masculine”, “mess”.
  • Paragraph 93
    “Back home, call ’em Bellevue-Berries. Taste nice. Get you drunk, but not as fast as this here lollipop.”

    • Whitney’s speech patterns here match those of Herbie Popnecker, with subject prepositions usually omitted. As has been documented elsewhere, Moore may also have based the speech patterns of Rorschach in Watchmen upon Herbie.
    • “Beck hum, cull ’em Bellevue-Bareease.

      • “Beck” – “Back”, “beckon”.
      • “hum” – “Home”, “hum”.
      • “cull” – “Call”, “cull”.
      • “Bellevue-Bareease” – “Bellevue-Berries”, “bare ease”.
        • Bellevue is probably here referring to Bellevue Hospital in New York, a noted hospital specializing in Psychiatry which might be where Ogden Whitney ended up. Its use in the name of the plant is apposite to “Bedlam Jennies”, also referencing the name of a madhouse.
    • Toaste neice.

      • “Toaste” – “Tastes”, “toasted”.
      • “neice” – “Nice”, “neice”.
    • Gut you trunk, beert-nut as vast as des ire lowlypep.”

      • “Gut” – “Get”, “gut”.
      • “trunk” – “Drunk”, “trunk”.
      • “beert-nut” – “But not”, “beer nuts”, possibly “beer gut”.
      • “vast” – “Fast”, “vast”.
      • “des ire lowlypep” – “This here lollipop”, “desire lowly pep”. Possibly “dies irae” (Latin “day of wrath”).
        You want I should bop you with this here lollipop?
        You want I should bop you with this here lollipop?
        • Herbie Popnecker made frequent use of this phrase, often in sentences such as “You want I should bop you with this here lollipop?”
  • Paragraph 94
    Lucia turns around to find herself confronted byba gentleman in later life, bespectacled and of a medium height, who is almost entirely spherical. he wears a stripy dressing-gown over his stained pyjamas, and regards Lucia impassively with heavy-lidded eyes through glasses that are thick as whiskey-bottles. Lucia notices that he is sucking intermittently upon a brown and stinky lollipop that smells of bourbon.

    • Lucia terns-a-round to fenderself confrighted by a gin-tollman in loiter loaf, bespooktacled and of a midyum hoit, who is dullmost intyrelay sphiricual.

      • “terns-a-round” – “Turns around”, “terms a round”, “tern” (type of seabird; threefold).
      • “fenderself” – “Find herself”, “fender self”, “defend”.
      • “confrighted” – “Confronted”, “con fright”.
      • “gin-tollman” – “Gentleman”, “gin-toll man” (alcoholic?)
      • “loiter” – “Later”, “loiter”.
      • “loaf” – “Life”, “loaf”.
      • “bespooktacled” – “Bespectacled”, “be spook tackled”.
      • “midyum” – “Medium”, “amid” “yum” (expression of pleasing taste).
      • “hoit” – “Height”, “hoity-toity”, “hoit” (archaic “to play the fool”), possibly “hurt”.
      • “dullmost” – “Almost”, “most dull”.
      • “intyrelay” – “Entirely”, “in tire lay”.
      • “sphiricual” – “Spherical”, “spiritual”.
    • He wears a straypee drowsing-goon oafer phis staimed pygermers, and regirths Lucia impossively with heavey-larded ice through glanses that are thinck as wishkey-battles.

      • “straypee” – “Stripy” (striped), “stray pee” (urine-stained?).
      • “drowsing-goon” – “Dressing-gown”, “drowsing goon”.
      • “oafer” – “Over”, “oaf”, “loafer”.
      • “phis” – “His”, “phiz” (slang “face”). Possibly “phis” (Irish “pea”).
      • “staimed” – “Stained”, “tamed”, “timed”, possibly “stymied”.
      • “pygermers” – “Pyjamas”, “pee germs”.
      • “regirths” – “Regards”, “girth”.
      • “impossively” – “Impassively”, “impossibly”.
      • “heavey-larded ice” – “Heavy-lidded eyes”, “heavy lard ice”.
      • “glanses” – “Glasses”, “glances”, possibly “glans” (head of penis).
      • “thinck” – “Thick”, “think”.
      • “wishkey-battles” – “Whiskey bottles”, “wish key battles”.
        • The more common phrase would be “thick as Coke-bottles”, but Moore is emphasizing Whitney’s alcoholism.
    • Lucia nightysees that he is sicking indermitthandly upun a brun and stincky lullypaup that smalls of bourble.

      • “nightysees” – “Notices”, “sees nighty”.
      • “sicking” – “Sucking”, “sicking” (vomiting).
      • “indermitthandly” – “Intermittently”, “in” “der mitt” (German “the hand”) “handily”.
      • “upun” – “Upon”, “a pun”.
      • “brun” – “Brown”, “brunt”.
      • “stincky” – “Stinky”, “sticky”.
      • “lullypaup” – “Lollipop”, “lull pa” (something Herbie often did) “up”, “lullaby” “pap” (breast).
      • “smalls” – “Smells”, “smalls” (UK slang “underwear”).
      • “bourble” – “Bourbon”, “burble”.
  • Paragraph 95
    “Who might you be, little chump?” she asks him in a slightly patronizing tone.

    • “Who mytuby, litrle chumpion?”

      • “mytuby” – “Might you be”, “my tubby”.
      • “litrle” – “Little”, “literal”, “lit(erary) real”.
      • “chumpion” – “Chump” (what Herbie’s father sees him as), “champion” (what almost all the rest of the universe sees Herbie as).
    • she husks him in a slidely partrunicing tuone.

      • “husks” – “Asks”, “husky” (sexy-voiced).
        • Even as she is being rude on the surface, Lucia’s husky voice shows her subconscious attraction to Herbie’s irresistible charisma.
      • “slidely” – “Slightly”, “snidely”, possibly “slide”.
      • “partrunicing” – “Patronizing”, “part run icing”, possibly “runt”.
      • “tuone” – “Tone”, “tune”.
  • Paragraph 96
    He pulls the alcoholic sweet-on-a-stick out of his rather small and poorly-shaven mouth to answer her.

    • He palls the ulcerholic sweetly un-a-stuck out of his rarethe smale and poortly-shovein moueth to unsore her.

      • “palls” – “Pulls”, “palls”.
      • “ulcerholic” – “Alcoholic”, “ulcer”.
      • “sweetly un-a-stuck” – “Sweet-on-a-stick” (that is, lollipop), “sweetly unstuck”.
      • “rarethe” – “Rather”, “rare the”.
      • “smale” – “Small”, “is male”.
      • “poortly-shovein” – “Poorly-shaven”, “portly” “shove in”.
      • “moueth” – “Mouth”, “meth” (methylated spirits, stereotypically drunk by tramps), “moue” (pout).
      • “unsore” – “Answer”, “un- sore”.
  • Paragraph 97
    “Name’s Ogden Whitney. Used to be a cartoonist, drawing Skyman and like that. Judging from accent, this not home they stuck me in, back in United States. Must have gone wandering in the great Unknown again with ghosts and monsters, end up in Forbidden Worlds.

    • “Nym’s Ogdie Whitnecker.

      • “Nym’s” – “Name’s”, “(pseudo)nym”.
      • “Ogdie Whitnecker” – “Ogden Whitney”, “Herbie Popnecker”.
    • Used dubi bag cartonist, drawning ‘Skeyman and luck dat.

      • “dubi” – “to be”, “dubious”.
      • “bag cartonist” – “Big cartoonist”, “bag carton”.
        • “Big” is a significant exaggeration.
      • “drawning” – “Drawing”, “drowning” (possible reference to Jung quote about Lucia drowning, see note to section 5, paragraph 88).
      • “‘Skeyman” – “Skyman”, “whiskey man”.
        • Skyman was a comic book superhero in the 1940s, created by Gardner Fox and Ogden Whitney. Skyman is Whitney’s most famous “serious” character.
      • “luck dat” – “Like that”, “luck date”.
    • Pudging from oxscent, this nut home they strick me in, balk in Younotread States.
      • “Pudging” – “Judging”, “pudgy”.
      • “oxscent” – “Accent”, “ox scent”.
      • “nut home” – “Not home”, “nut home (that is, madhouse).
      • “strick” – “Stuck”, “stricken”.
      • “balk” – “Back”, “balk”.

        Don't Tread On Me
        Don’t Tread On Me
      • “Younotread States” – “United States”, “you no tread” (probable reference to the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag used during the American Revolution).
    • Mist have gloam wanddling in degraed Unane agen with ghasts and mindsters, endope in Fearburden Whirls.”

      • “Mist” – “Must”, “mist” (the Unknown is generally depicted as full of mist).
      • “gloam” – “Gone”, “gloaming” (twilight).
      • “wanddling” – “Wandering”, “waddling”.
      • “degraed” – “The great”, “degrade”.
      • “Unane” – “Unknown”, “inane”.

      • “agen” – “Again”, “aging”, “a gen(eration)”.
      • “ghasts” – “Ghosts”, “ghastly”.
      • “mindsters” – “Monsters”, “mind stirs”.
      • “endope” – “End up”, “en-” (become) “dope”.
      • “Fearburden Whirls” – Forbidden Worlds” (the comic that Herbie first appeared in), “fear burden whirls”.
  • Paragraph 98
    Lucia finds the rotund fellow and his lollipop rather endearing. She is also interested by his line of work.

    • Lucia fonds the retund follow and his alcohollipop frather endeuring.

      • “fonds” – “Finds”, “fond”. Possibly “fronds”.
      • “retund” – “Rotund”, “returned”, possibly “retuned”.
      • “follow” – “Fellow”, “follow”.
      • “alcohollipop” – “Lollipop”, “alcohol”.
      • “frather” – “Rather”, “father”, possibly “frater” (Latin “brother”).
      • “endeuring” – “Endearing”, “enduring”.
    • She is elso intressed by his work o’ line.

      • elso” – “Also”, “sell so”, suggest??
      • “intressed” – “Interested”, “in tressed” (having lots of hair?).
      • “work o’ line” – “Line of work” (profession), “work of line” (drawings).
  • Paragraph 99
    “I have tremendous admiration for some of you comic-strip professionals. Are you acquainted with Frank King, creator of Gasoline Alley? It was a great favorite of mine during my girlhood. I particularly loved the Sunday color pages, which to my mind were an equal to the offerings of our most applauded modern masters.”

    • “I have truemindous admoration for same of you cowmuck-stripe poorfishionals.

      • “truemindous” – “Tremendous”, “true mind, O us”.
      • “admoration” – “Admiration”, “add my ration”, possibly “ad(vertisement)”, “admonish”.
      • “same” – “Some”, “same”.
      • “cowmuck-stripe” – “Comic-strip”, “cowmuck” (bullshit) “stripe”.
      • “poorfishionals” – “Professionals”, “poor fish”.
    • Err you inquainted with King Frank, gleeator of Glossolalalley?

      • “Err” – “Are”, “err(or)”.
      • “inquainted” – “Acquainted”, “ink quaint”.
      • “King Frank” – Frank King (1883-1969) was an American cartoonist best known for creating Gasoline Alley.
      • “gleeator” – “Creator”, “glee”.
      • “Glossolalalley” – “Gasoline Alley”, “glossolalia” (speaking in tongues, arguably what this chapter is doing).
        • Gasoline Alley is a comic strip which started in 1918.
        • One of the things Gasoline Alley is best known for is the way its characters age in real time, as opposed to the more common comic-strip practice of always staying the same age as they did when the strip began. This dichotomy is relevant to Jerusalem‘s discussion of the nature of time.
    • It walt a greet feverite o’ maine derin my girlhead.

      • walt” – “Was”, “Walt” (Walt Wallet was the original protagonist of Gasoline Alley).
      • “greet” – “Great”, “greet”. Possibly “Jeet” Heer, a comics critic who has written about Gasoline Alley.
      • “feverite” – “Favorite”, “feverish”.
      • “maine” – “Mine”, “main”. Possibly “Remember the Maine!”.
      • “derin” – “During”, suggest?? Possibly “maundering”, “derringer”.
      • “girlhead” – “Girlhood”, “girl head”, possibly “maidenhead” (hymen).
        • Shloss, writing about Lucia’s 13th year, says “She discovered the comic strip Gasoline Alley and put it on the mantelpiece.”
    • I poeticuliarly lauvd the Funday quelleheur phages, wish to memind were an inkwel to the proff’rings of our masterplauded moredin mosters.”

      • poeticuliarly” – “Particularly”, “poetically”, “peculiarly”.

        Gasoline Alley Sunday page
        Gasoline Alley Sunday page
      • “lauvd” – “Loved”, “lauf” (Norwegian “leaf”), suggest??
      • “Funday” – “Sunday”, “fun” (as in “Sunday Funnies”).
      • “quelleheur” – “Color”, “quelle heure” (French “what time?”).
      • “phages” – “Pages”, “phages” (eaters).
      • “wish” – “Which”, “wish”.
      • “memind” – “My mind”, “remind”, “meme indie”.
      • “inkwel” – “Equal”, “inkwell”.
      • “proff’rings” – “Offerings”, “profferings”, possibly “professional rings”).
      • “masterplauded” – “Most applauded”, “masterpiece”.
      • “moredin mosters” – “Modern masters”, “more din monsters”.
        • Alan Moore is also a big fan of the Gasoline Alley Sunday color pages.
  • Page 908
  • Paragraph 100
    Here the fat man shakes his greying bowl-cut head, and once again removes the thinly-sucked sliver of confectionery before he speaks in his bored monotone to Lucia.

    • Heare the fant man shurkes his greyving vowl-cut heed, and wince agrain remauves the thinely-slucked s’liver o’ confiction’ry befury spigs in his bard menotone to Lucia.

      • “Heare” – “Here”, “hear”, possibly “hare”.
      • “fant” – “Fat”, “fan”, possibly “faint”.
      • “shurkes” – “Shakes”, suggest?? Possibly “shirks”, “sharks”.
      • “greyving” – “Greying”, “grieving”.
      • “vowl-cut” – “Bowl-cut” (a haircut done by putting a bowl over the person’s head and cutting off all the hair sticking out), “vowel cut” (Such as the pronoun “I”, which Herbie almost never uses).
      • “heed” – “Head”, “heed”.
      • “wince” – “Once”, “wince”.
      • “agrain” – “Again”, “grain” (alcohol?), possibly “against the grain”.
      • “remauves” – “Removes”, “re- mauves” (makes purple again).
      • “thinely-slucked” – “Thinly-sucked”, “finely-sliced”.
      • “s’liver” – “Sliver”, “his liver” (has been damaged by alcohol abuse).
      • “confiction’ry” – “Confectionery”, “con fiction rye”.
      • “befury” – “Before he”, “be Fury”.
        Herbie becomes Fat Fury
        Herbie becomes Fat Fury
        • Herbie sometimes took on the superhero identity of “Fat Fury”.
      • “spigs” – “Speaks”, “pig”, possibly “spigot”, “sprigs”.
      • “bard” – “Bored”, “bard”.
      • “menotone” – “Monotone”, “me no tone”.
  • Paragraph 101
    “Heard of him. More of an advertising and commercial-artist guy myself. Like lawnmowers to look like lawnmowers. Keep lines clear and realistic or whole thing collapses into drunken chaos. Still penned up in mental-home eventually. Can’t draw neat and tidy line to keep the Draculas and the Frankensteins from spilling over out of the Unknown. Always same with us creative types. It’s a fine line.”

    • “Herd of hum.

      • “Herd” – “Heard”, “herd”.
      • “hum” – “Him”, “hum”.
    • Mere of an adverteyesing and comeherecial-autist goy meself.

      • “Mere” – “More”, “mere”.
      • “adverteyesing” – “Advertising”, “eye sing”.
      • “comeherecial-autist” – “Commercial-artist”, “come here special autistic”.
      • “goy” – “Guy”, “goy” (non-Jew).
      • “meself” – “Myself”, “me self”.
    • Like loanmowers to like-look lawnmolars.

      • “loanmowers” – “Lawnmowers”, “loan mowers”.
      • “like-look” – “Look like”, “like to look”.
        • Possible reference to “like-a-look”, a term used in Dave Sim’s Cerebus to denote an imposter.
      • “lawnmolars” – “Lawnmowers”, “lawn molars”.
        • While Whitney would like things to look like themselves, in this topsy-turvy linguistic madhouse of a chapter, he can’t even say the same word twice the same way in a single sentence.
    • Keep lyins clearn und ruleistic or hole thing crawlapses intu drownken K.Os.

      • “lyins” – “Lines”, “lyings”.
      • “clearn” – “Clean”, “clear”, “clearing”.
      • “und” – “And”, “under”, “undine” (water spirit).
      • “ruleistic” – “Realistic”, “rule -istic” (based on rules).
      • “hole” – “Whole”, “hole”.
      • “crawlapses” – “Collapses”, “craw lapses”, “crawl apses”.
      • “intu” – “Into”, “intuit”
      • “drownken” – “Drunken”, “drown” “ken” (understanding).
      • “K.Os” – “Chaos”, “K.Os” (knock-outs), possibly “D.Ts” (delerium tremens).
    • Styl pend up in meantile-home preventually.

      • “Styl” – “Still”, “Styx” (river in the Greek Underworld).
      • “pend” – “Penned” (kept captive; written or drawn).
      • “meantile-home” – “Mental-home”, “mean tile”, “meant ill”.
      • “preventually” – “Eventually”, “prevent”, possibly “preternaturally”.
    • Can’d drur neut and tidey-line to kreep the Fraculas and Drunkensteins from spewling ever outer the Inknown.

      • “Can’d” – “Can’t”, “canned” (slang “fired”), “candor”. Possibly “candid”, “Candide” (satire by Voltaire).
      • “drur” – “Draw”, “drug”, possibly “drear”.
      • “neut” – “Neat”, “neutral”, possibly “newt”.
      • “tidey-line” – “Tidy line”, “tide-line”.
      • “kreep” – “Keep”, “creep”.
      • “Fraculas and Drunkensteins” – “Draculas and Frankensteins”, “fractures and drunkenness”.
        • This confusion of proper names with category descriptions was commonly found in Herbie.
      • “spewling ever” – “Spilling over”, “spew ling(uistics) ever”.

        ...spilling over out of the Unknown
        …spilling over out of the Unknown
      • “outer” – “Out of”, “outer”.
      • “Inknown” – “Unknown”, “ink now”, “in(ner) know(ledge).
    • Alwhys samne wit’ us chreatic typesy.

      • “Alwhys” – “Always”, “all ‘why’s”.
      • “samne” – “Same”, “sane”.
      • “wit’” – “With”, “wit”.
      • “chreatic” – “Creative”, “chaotic”.
      • “typesy” – “Types”, “tipsy”.
    • It’s a feign leign.”

      • “feign” – “Fine”, “feign”.
      • “leign” – “Line”, “lane”, possibly “legion”.
  • Paragraph 102
    Lucia knows what he means, surprisingly, and senses that he has a shoddy, saturated wisdom in his portly frame. With new respect for the obese old man’s oracular abilities, she asks him if he has a comprehension of their whereabouts.

    • Lucia gnos whit nhe memes, saprisingly, and sinces that he has a soddy, sadurated wishdoom in his porkly frome.

      • “gnos” – “Knows”, “Gnostic“.
      • “whit nhe” – “What he”, “Whitney”.
      • “memes” – “Means”, “memes”.
      • “saprisingly” – “Surprisingly”, “sap rising lie”.
      • “sinces” – “Senses”, “since”.
      • “soddy” – “Shoddy”, “sod die”, suggest??
      • “sadurated” – “Saturated”, “sad you rated”.
      • “wishdoom” – “Wisdom”, “wish doom”.
      • “porkly” – “Portly”, “porky”.
      • “frome” – “Frame”, “from”. Possibly “Frome“.
    • With neuryspect for the orbese illd man’s herocular abellyties, she arcs hom if hi haz a calmprehension of where theirabouts.

      • “neuryspect” – “New respect”, “aneurysm” “spectacles”. Possibly “neurasthenic” (an ill-defined medical condition characterized by lassitude, fatigue, headache, and irritability).
      • “orbese” – “Obese”, “he’s an orb”.
      • “illd” – “Old”, “ill”.
      • “herocular” – “Oracular”, “hero ocular”.
      • “abellyties” – “Abilities”, “a belly ties”.
      • “arcs” – “Asks”, “arcs”.
      • “hom” – “Him”, suggest?? Possibly “Homer” (Greek poet).
      • “hi haz” – “He has”, “hello haze”. Possibly “hi-hat” (cymbals in a drum kit).
      • “calmprehension” – “Comprehension”, “calm apprehension”.
      • “where theirabouts” – “Their whereabouts”, “thereabouts”.
  • Paragraph 103
    “Mister Whitney, or, if I may, Ogden, might I make inquiry as to where in this place or this time we are at present here located, in your estimation? I was under the impression that I was confined in Saint Andrews Hospital in Northampton, but I don’t think you are familiar with that institution, unlike Mister Clare and Master Stephen.”

    • “Misty Whitener, or, ifamey, Odgone, mighty murk inqueery as to whyre in displace or dustime we are at prisont herelocated, in your spacetimation?

      • “Misty” – “Mister”, “misty”.
      • “Whitener” – “Whitney”, “whitener”.
      • “ifamey” – “If I may”, “I famey” (I have a little fame). Possibly “infamy”.
      • “Odgone” – “Ogden”, “odd gone”.
      • “mighty” – “Might I”, “mighty”
      • “murk” – “Make”, “murk”.
      • “inqueery” – “Inquiry”, “in queer-y”.
      • “whyre” – “Where”, “why are”.
      • “displace” – “This place”, “displace”.
      • “dustime” – “This time”, “dues time”, “dust I’m”.
      • “prisont” – “Present”, “prison”.
      • “herelocated” – “Here located”, “he relocated”.
      • “spacetimation” – “Estimation”, “space-time nation”.
    • I was hinder the unperssion that I wooze confinite in Sent Madruse Hotpitayter in Nothankton, but I donut think you are fromhereliar with that binstaytution, unluck Mistde Clare and Mazeter Stepin.”

      • “hinder” – “Under”, “hinder”.
      • “unperssion” – “Impression”, “un-person” (those confined to mental hospitals are in some ways not considered to be full “persons”).
      • “wooze” – “Was”, “woozy”.
      • “confinite” – “Confined”, “finite con”.
      • “Sent Madruse Hotpitayter” – “Saint Andrews Hospital”, “sent mad” “ruse” “hot potato” (something that several people try and evade responsibility for), “pity her”.
      • “Nothankton” – “Northampton”, “no thanks to you”.
      • “donut” – “Do not”, “donut”.
      • “fromhereliar” – “Familiar”, “from here liar”.
      • “binstaytution” – “Institution”, “(loony) bin” “stay” “tuition”.
      • “unluck” – “Unlike”, “unlucky”.
      • “Mistde Clare” – “Mister Clare” (see section 3), “mist declare”.
      • “Mazeter Stepin” – “Master Stephen” (see section 5), “maze to step in”. Possibly “Stepin Fetchit“, black American comedian.
  • Paragraph 104
    The inebriated illustrator strokes one of his chins as he deliberates.

    • The inibriated illnestrator strubs one of his chines as he belubberates.

      • “inibriated” – “Inebriated”, “in I brat”, suggest??
      • “illnestrator” – “Illustrator”, “illness traitor”.
      • “strubs” – “Strokes”, “rubs”.
      • “chines” – “Chins”, “chine” (spine).
      • “belubberates” – “Deliberates”, “blubber”.
  • Paragraph 105
    “Man of few words. Already told you once. This Unknown. Kind of downmarket, infernal afterlife. Full of ghosts, devils, witches, monsters and that type of nonsense. Best get back to daylight, then find way from there. Personally, should be heading home to USA, so they can change my bedding. Nice to meet you.”

    • “Manner few words.

      • “Manner” – “Man of”, “manner”.
    • Alldeady told you whence.

      • “Alldeady” – “Already”, “all dead I”.
      • “whence” – “Once”, “whence”.
    • This Unknoun.

      • “Unknoun” – “Unknown”, “sunk noun”.
    • Kind o’ downmarkit, infermal apterlife.

      • “downmarkit” – “Downmarket”, “mark it down”.
      • “infermal” – “Infernal”, “infirm”, possibly “eternal”.
      • “apterlife” – “Afterlife”, “apter life”.
    • Full o’ ghusts, drivels, whichis, manstares an’ that typo’ ninesense.

      • “ghusts” – “Ghosts”, “gusts”.
      • “drivels” – “Devils”, “drivel”.
      • “whichis” – “Witches”, “which is”.
      • “manstares” – “Monsters”, “man stares”.
      • “typo’” – “Type of”, “typo”.
      • “ninesense” – “Nonsense”, “nine sense” (half again as good as a sixth sense!).
    • Bussed get back todaylight, then fond way from dare.

      • “Bussed” – “Best”, “bussed” (transported by bus; archaic “kissed”).
      • “todaylight” – “To daylight”, “today light”.
      • “fond” – “Find”, “fond”.
      • “dare” – “There”, “dare”.
    • Personnearly, shudd be head-in-home-in-head to You Essay, so they cunchainge my badding.

      • “Personnearly” – “Personally”, “nearly a person”.
      • “shudd” – “Should”, “shudder”.
      • “head-in-home-in-head” – “Heading home”, “(at) home in (my) head”.
      • “You Essay” – “USA”, “you essay” (you try).
      • “cunchainge” – “Can change”, “cunt chain gee”.
      • “badding” – “Bedding”, “badness”, possibly “balding”.
    • Noise to myth you.”

      • “Noise” – “Nice”, “noise”, possibly “Norse”.
      • “myth” – “Meet”, “myth”.
  • Paragraph 106
    With this, the plump stranger reinserts his lollipop and conchalantly starts to walk up into the night sky as if he is ascending steps that no one else can see. Before long he is just another pale, remote form, lost amonst the stars and giant planets ober the infirmary. Filled with a surging rush of deep affection for the brave and melancholy little chap, Lucia clasps her hands together and emits pink valentine hearts, circling her brow in joyous orbit.

    • Word dis, the plimp stainger reinslurps his follypap and nonchalaunchly sturts to walke up ento the nice guy as if he is airscending steeps thort no one alse ken shee.

      • “Word dis” – “With this”, “words”, “Dis“.
      • “plimp” – “Plump”, “blimp”.
      • “stainger” – “Stranger”, “stain germ”.
      • “reinslurps” – “Reinserts”, “rein slurps”.
      • “follypap” – “Lollipop”, “folly pap”.
      • “nonchalaunchly” – “Nonchalantly”, “launch”.
      • “sturts” – “Starts”, “spurts”.
      • “walke” – “Walk”, “wake”.
      • “ento” – “Into”, suggest?? Possibly “bento”, “penthouse”.
      • “nice guy” – “Night sky”, “nice guy”.
      • “airscending” – “Ascending”, “air sending”.
      • “steeps” – “Steps”, “steep”.
      • “thort” – “That”, “thought”, possibly “Thor”.
      • “alse” – “Else”, “also”, possibly “Alice“.
      • “ken” – “Can”, “ken” (knowledge).
      • “shee” – “See”, “sheet”.
        • This is typical of how Herbie “flies”.

          Herbie walks in the air
          Herbie walks in the air
    • Befurlong he is joyst anutter peale, remute firm, leest amonster stares and joyant plunnets ever the informary.

      • “Befurlong” – “Before long”, “be furlong”.
      • “joyst” – “Just”, “Joyce”.
      • “anutter” – “Another”, “a nutter”.
      • “peale” – “Pale”, “peal” (bell sound).
      • “remute” – “Remote”, “re-mute” (become silent again).
      • “firm” – “Form”, “firm”.
      • “leest” – “Lost”, “least”, “lees” (dregs).
      • “amonster” – “Amongst the”, “a monster”.
      • “stares” – “Stars”, “stares”.
      • “joyant” – “Giant”, “joyous”, “ant”.
      • “plunnets” – “Planets”, “plummets”.
        Herbie among the planets
        Herbie among the planets
        • While it seems safe to say that there are not usually “giant planets” visible in the night sky, such planets were often drawn into the background when Herbie had occasion to travel into outer space.
      • “ever” – “Over”, “ever”.
      • “informary” – “Infirmary”, “inform airy”, “Mary”.
    • Frilled with a surgent ruash o’ dipp afflection for the prave and melatonocholy little chirp, Lucia glasps her hends tugather and emots pink valiumtime herts, sircling high’r brow in joycous herbit.

      • “Frilled” – “Filled”, “frilled”.
      • “surgent” – “Surging”, “urgent”.
      • “ruash” – “Rush”, “rash”.
      • “dipp” – “Deep”, “dippy” (silly).
      • “afflection” – “Affection”, “affliction”.
      • “prave” – “Brave”, “depraved”.
      • “melatonocholy” – “Melancholy”, “melatonin holy”.
      • “chirp” – “Chap”, “chirp”.
      • “glasps” – “Clasps”, “gasps”.

        Jackie Kennedy clasps hands for Herbie
        Jackie Kennedy clasps hands for Herbie
      • “hends” – “Hands”, “ends”.
      • “tugather” – “Together”, “tu” (French “you” (familiar)) “gather”.
      • “emots” – “Emits”, “emotes”.
      • “valiumtime herts” – “Valentine hearts”, “valium time hurts”.
      • “sircling” – “Circling”, “sir cling”.
      • “high’r brow” – “Her brow”, “highbrow”, “higher”.
      • “joycous” – “Joyous”, “jocose” (laughable).
      • “herbit” – “Orbit”, “Herbie”.
        • While floating hearts are a stereotypically “comic book” method of displaying love, they were not generally used in Herbie. The clasped hands, however, were a frequently-used visual trope.
  • Paragraph 107
    “Ah!” she sighs. “That Ogden Whitney! He’s just so dreamy!”

    Isn't he dreamy?
    Isn’t he dreamy?
    • “Ah!” she sayghs.

      • “sayghs” – “Sighs”, “says”.
    • “Dit Ogdie Whitnecker!

      • “Dit” – “That”, “ditty”, “dit” (British dialect “to close”).
      • “Ogdie Whitnecker” – “Ogden Whitney”, “Herbie Popnecker”.
    • He’s jest so doremi!”

      • “jest” – “Just”, “jest”.
      • “doremi” – “Dreamy”, “do re mi” (musical notes).
        • This is a typical female reaction to Herbie.

Forward to Section 7, Malcolm Arnold.

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