What’s Our Hashtag?

These annotations are going to take a while. We’re currently reading Jerusalem and filling in some of the fairly obvious bits as we go. As we get to more chapters, hopefully connections will become clearer. In any case, have patience, please add comments, and several months from now, we’ll have this site banged into decent shape.

One question I have is what hashtag makes sense to discuss Jerusalem on Twitter, Instagram, etc.? Of course, I use #alanmoore which I will continue to use. But #jerusalem is not specific enough. On Instagram, I had posted with both #jerusalembook (which is already somewhat in use for this cookbook) and #jerusalemnovel (which does OK), but then commenter @molosovsky has used #AMJerusalem, which makes a lot of sense and is shorter. Anyone out there have other ideas, suggestions, or strong preferences? I don’t Tweet all that much, but it would be worthwhile to get on the same page here. Thoughts?


Author: Joe Linton

Joe Linton is an artist and activist. He wrote and illustrated 'Down By The Los Angeles River' (Wilderness Press 2005).

5 thoughts on “What’s Our Hashtag?”

    1. New issues of Alan Moore’s Providence and Cinema Purgatorio came out recently, eating up a lot of our efforts in December. As for me, I’ve had a cold for a month and that has negatively impacted my productivity. Still, I managed to get one and a half chapters of Voice of the Fire annotated in December, and, like Joe, hope to do more in the coming year.

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      1. i understand. i have providence #11 sitting here on the desk but i think i’ll wait for #12 before i crack it open.


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