UE1.3 Roman Observation Point

This page features annotations for Roman Observation Point, the 3nd chapter of Unearthing. Roman Observation Point is on (unnumbered) pages 41-xxx of the 2012 Unearthing book.

Words by Alan Moore and images by Mitch Jenkins.

Page 41 (The Roman observation point…)

Page 42 (& London…)

  • Like an falling airplane with one wing intact, a “sycamore pod” (sometimes called a helicopter seed, a whirligig, or samara) spins in a spiral through the air as it falls from the tree.
  • “Iron wind” is used to describe Hitler’s WWII advances (see several book titles), but this annotator did not find the origin of the expression – suggest??
  • The “Battle of Britain” was the WWII air war where German planes bombed England.
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