Take a Virtual Tour of Northampton Castle

Map of Northampton from 1614, castle visible on the left. (See also maps page)

The Northampton Castle was located on the west side of Northampton’s Boroughs. It lasted from the 11th century to the 19th century when it was replaced by Northampton’s train station. Both the castle and the train station play roles in Jerusalem.

Thanks to the magic of highly-researched virtual reality, contemporary readers can take a peek into the historic castle via this 2014 video from The Friends of Northampton Castle.

(Thanks to Alan Moore aficionado Flavio Pessanha)


Author: Joe Linton

Joe Linton is an artist and activist. He wrote and illustrated 'Down By The Los Angeles River' (Wilderness Press 2005).

One thought on “Take a Virtual Tour of Northampton Castle”

  1. The Castle didn’t last until the 19th Century, as it was torn down by Charles II in revenge for our siding with Cromwell (as mentioned in Jerusalem). The ruins of it made way for the Railway Station, which always seems to get the blame, yet it was Charles that did almost all of the damage. As with so much of the Boroughs, the problems are blamed on the buildings, not the actions of the rich or powerful. Funny that.


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